ETH 2.0 and ETH 1.0, Which one?

you must have heard about ETH 2.0 being released in December this year. about one month from now (12, November), we will see ETH 2.0.

so let’s see what are gonna change with this huge event in the Cryptocurrency world.

Release of ETH 2.0

with the release, ETH 2.0 and ETH 1.0 will merge together.

there is nothing for the owners of ETH 1.0 to do, as their Coins will simply become part of the ETH 2.0.

Will the price go up?

No one knows!!!

as usual the Volatilities most of the time are not predictable. But, some analysts say that New changes could the dominance of Bitcoin. However it doesn’t seem likely to happen.

Some analysts say that ETH 2.0 could rise to even $1000 dollar and it may fall to $200.

Also, lots of analysts say that ETH has a lot of potential and this is definitely true.

so what do you think?




Watch Bazar In Coin Bazar.

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ronald farrell

ronald farrell

Watch Bazar In Coin Bazar.

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